What Time Can I Pick it up?

Pick up times will vary depending on the day and food I create, but usually it won't be later than 7:00pm.



Where can I pick it up?

I'm located in Highland Park, IL and will let you know what my address is after the order is complete.



How many people does the food feed?

This depends on what I'm selling, so check out the description of the item once you click on the link via text message.



How Can I order something for a special event?

If you'd like to place a custom order, you can reach out to me through the contact page!



I'm still confused... How Does It Work?



I make everything by myself and it's all done from scratch. Whether it's savory items or sweets, they might take me anywhere from 3-6 hours.

Recieve a Text Message

After subscribing to the text message list, (Text "FOOD" to 33222) you'll recieve text notifications when I decide to cook something. There will be a link in the text that will take you to that day's order form.

Private link

After clicking the link, you'll see a description of the item I'm selling, as well as the price. Since I'm only one person, there will be a very limited quantity of product available.


Once you click the order button, you'll be prompted by a payment page and can reserve your order before it's too late.


At this time, it's pickup only. You'll recieve my address in Highland Park, IL upon order confirmation.



Depending on the item, there might be baking instructions to maintain maximum freshness. Don't worry though, it'll be super easy.